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We help outstanding entrepreneurs build e-commerce companies and fulfill their potential. We invest our experience, time and capital.


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Our portfolio

Purple technology is a technology provider to global forex brokers. More than USD 1.2 billion is traded daily through its technology. We have been in this company since its inception and still hold a significant stake.

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We joined Aukro after its continuous and 7-year-long decline in revenues. It was a period of its most critical technological transformation. Our entry simplified the fragmented ownership structure, took over management of the business, set a new vision and strategy, kick-started its growth and brought in a suitable investor to further accelerate growth.

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Luigi`s Box is an expert in increasing e-commerce conversions with its intelligent AI search engine.  Since we joined in 2018, the company's monthly sales have grown 60-fold.

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FérMakléř is a comparison engine for real estate brokers, through which nearly €50 million worth of transactions are made annually. We founded the company in 2017, still actively run it and are the majority owners.

NutritionPro provides boxed healthy food tailored to the nutritional needs of its customers. They already deliver over 100,000 meals a month. NutritionPro convinced us especially with its very capable management, highly scalable product and ambition to grow further into Europe.

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Product Fruits is an onboarding platform that any website can deploy to quickly and easily orient visitors to their site through a set of ancillary tools, thereby rapidly increasing site conversion. Product Fruits operates all over the world, especially in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia or Mexico.


Playbag is a brand of fashion accessories such as backpacks, handbags, wallets and satchels. All from the hands of honest Zlín production. We joined the company as majority partners in September 2023, as we were excited by the design and quality of the products and, along with that, the still unfulfilled business potential. We are currently preparing the company for scaling. Our goal is to achieve 10x YoY in the 1st year.


SOLD: We were one of the first investors in Liftago at a very early stage, giving the company the space to execute on its strong vision. In 2018, we successfully sold our minority stake.

          Join us!

Don't wait for new competition to grow. Don't settle for slow growth for your company. Leverage and take your company to the next level with an infusion of capital, know-how and the right contacts.

Why do business with us?

Not just capital

We are not just investors, but also entrepreneurs who have built businesses from scratch, scaling them to multi-million dollar operations over a decade. We understand that running a business is far from a walk in the park, and that's why we are here - to support you during those challenging times. You are not alone in this journey. Our commitment goes beyond an investment range of 10 - 100 million. We offer assistance with strategy formulation, setting priorities, cost optimization, and scaling your organizational structure. We can help establish the right connections, expand your business internationally, and recruit the right people for C-level positions.

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Hands-on approach

You won't just be another company in a financial investor's portfolio, observed from a distance. You will be a company to which we can devote the necessary energy and due care in order to take it to the next level together, aiming to increase its value at least tenfold with your collaboration. We have the flexibility to adapt to your project.

Are you looking for an investment partner?

Do you already have regular and growing revenues and would you like to accelerate your growth with not only larger capital (400k - 4 mil. EUR), but also with know-how and a hands-on approach? Are you uncertain about the next steps for your company at its current stage and are you looking for support in making difficult decisions from a strong partner? Reach out to us and let's talk about the possibilities of cooperation. We are currently looking for new ambitious projects!

Our team


Matěj Boruta, founding partner

Investing is a very intriguing affair for me, where our goal is to select a promising project, an ambitious team with a passion for their cause, and structure the transaction in such a way that it becomes a mutual victory for both the founders and us.


Václav Liška, founding partner

For more than 15 years, I have been managing e-commerce companies in the CEE region. I am interested in transactional platforms in the B2C and B2B sectors. I was involved in the creation of companies such as Aukro and MerXu.


Lumír Kunz, founding partner

I enjoy strong visions and finding ways to achieve them. I enjoy finding solutions that make business operations more efficient. And I enjoy doing this with enthusiastic people who have a drive to succeed, want to make decisions based on numbers, yet never lose their sense for making heart-driven decisions.


Jan Boruta, founding partner

I like creating visions and strategies for new projects. And I also like to play those visions. My latest project is FérMakléř, through which real estate for approximately CZK 1 billion is sold annually. I am currently in the role of interim CEO of Playbag, which I am helping to prepare for the scaling phase. I also arrange real estate investments for our group.

O nás


We are a group of friends who have been doing business and investing together for more than 10 years. Over this period, we managed to build a value exceeding EUR 68 million from our original investment of several tens of thousands of euros which we borrowed from our families.

On our journey, we were involved in the creation of companies such as Aukro, Liftago, Purple Technology and experienced successes and failures along with them. This gave us the opportunity to learn a lot and gain the necessary experience to accelerate the growth of both startups in the phase of their first revenues, and companies with turnovers of millions  of EUR.

We simply enjoy the online world. Now, we are ready to get involved in other ambitious companies. Through our know-how and capital, we can help you maximize the potential of your company, ideally on an international level.

We believe that people and their values are the basis of everything. Therefore, we enjoy working with ambitious founders who recognize values such as fairness, goal-orientation, hard work, and humility. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to chat with you.

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