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We help outstanding entrepreneurs build e-commerce companies and fulfill their potential. We invest our experience, time and capital.



Do týmu hledáme full-time posilu na pozici Financial Controller, který miluje čísla a zajistil by finanční správu a řízení naší skupiny. Povahově se  k nám dobře hodí systematičtí dotahovači, kteří se nebojí vyhrnout rukávy. 

Více o pozici zde

O nás


LEVERAGE is Czech investment group investing in e-commerce companies with ambition to become a market leader in European market and to change current status quo.  

Over the past 15 years in e-commerce and 8 years in private equity, we have successfully managed international technology companies operating in 10 European countries and successfully supported 12 companies in all stages of their life cycle. We managed to build a portfolio of companies operating in European and Asian markets, some of them are market leaders or quickly gain market share.

In 2017, we founded the Leverage Technology fund, through which we work with qualified investors who embark on a journey with us with a long-term vision of capital appreciation.

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